Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Want Your Bite (A Rated R Jemi Story)


Demi's POV:
 I scanned his Twitter pictures and swooned. He was so sexy!
A tingling sensation rose up. I felt my tight, hairy pussy become moist.I moaned as I came across a picture of his humongous bulge. I slid off my soaked panties and parted my legs. My family was out at the store. Perfect time to have a loud orgy!
I sucked on my fingers and slipped my pointer finger into my already dripping pussy. I slowly slipped in and out. I took my damp finger out for a second and started to massage my clit. I let out a small moan. I re-entered my pussy and picked up the pace.
"Fuck," I moaned.
I started to slow down.
"Uhh, fuck me with your ten inch cock, Nick." I groaned.
I slid the finger even farther in and let out a massive moan. My pussy let out another wave of fluids. I flipped myself over onto my stomach and slid my finger in. I grinded my hips against my hand.
Fuck! I let in a second finger.
"Uhhh! Yeah! Uhhh, fuck!"
I rode my fingers faster and faster until I came all over my black comforter.
"Fuck!" I moaned at the top of my lungs as thick cum oozed out. I wiped my pussy against my bed and slid across my bed to the wooden edge. The headboard and the board opposite had two wooden knobs- one on the left and one on the right.
I stood up and spread my pussy lips wide. I took a decent sized and shoved it in my pussy with a big moan. I grinded my hips and moaned in both pain and pleasure. I rode harder and faster until I felt like I was about to cum.
I layed back down and spit on my fingers. I slid them in and out until I was a second away from cumming.
I beat my fingers against my super sensitive clit repeatedly and watched as I started to squirt.
Cum sprayed all over my legs and bed. I smiled as I let out one last moan.

Joe's POV:

"Uhh," I heard my little sister moan. Fuck! She obviously doesn't know I'm home.
But I must admit, I'm a little turned on.
I mean, I can imagine her hairy pussy oozing with cum.
Wait, this is wrong! She's my sister!
But she's so hot.
That's just wrong.
But so right!
I imagined more scenarios as my dick hardened. I looked at my bulge through my tight boxers. My cock shot up. I stroked the tip lightly.
"Fuck!" She screamed.
I massaged a dollop of lube onto my cock, and I let out a soft moan. I played with my balls and stroked the shaft.
"Fuck," I whispered.
I started to slowly jerk off.
"Uhh," I lightly moaned. "Uhh."
I tickled my balls as I jerked my cock harder and faster.
"Uhh, uhh, uhhh, uhh," I moaned. I buried my head in my pillow all of a sudden. "Mmm," I moaned loudly, though the pillow had muffled the sound. I moved my hand up down and watched the cum shoot on to my chest. I suddenly had the verge to be naughty. I crept out of my room, chest covered in my cum, and peeked into her room. She had fallen asleep with her legs wide open. Her pussy was sore and pink. Yum! I went back into my room and hopped in the shower.
 The next day, I invited my best friend Selena over. My family had left once again, meaning we could get together.
She smiled at me. "You horny?"
I shook my head and lifted up my miniskirt to reveal my soaked, see-through panties.
She giggled. "You shaved!"
"For you," I said. As much as I love the dick, I need some pussy, too. And that pussy comes from my two fuck buddies, Selena and Miley. They both had clean, hairless pussies that were oh-so-sensitive. I fucking love it!
She smiled seductively as she slipped my panties off. She spread my legs and spit onto my clitoris. I moaned as she rubbed it in and took the remaining saliva on her finger. She slowly inserted her finger into my tight little vagina, making me moan, both pleasured and in pain. She stuck it in as far as she could go, causing me to squeal. She pulled off my tank top and found no bra underneath. She started to suck on my left nipple and rub the other with her free hand. "Uhh, you liked that? Do you want me to make you squirt all over my fucking face?"
I grinded my hips into her finger as she slipped it in and out. "Fuck!" I moaned as she started to rub my clit with her other hand. She took her lips off of my nipple and kissed me. She stared into my eyes as she fingered me harder and faster than before. Right when I was about to cum, she pulled away. She pulled up her dress to reveal her swollen, bright pink pussy. It dripped right onto my stomach. I pulled her closer until her pussy was right over my mouth. I tongued her clit and sucked on it as she screamed out my name. She was so sensitive! I moved my tongue down and stuck it into her pussy. I took my fingers off of my vagina and spread her pussy lips as far as I could. I licked her and went deeper. I continued to go deeper as she moaned out so loud people across the street could probably hear her. Finally, she came, and I lapped up the pussy juices like a dog.

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